Iron Rain
Life in an irrigation factory on the outskirts of Beijing. Video, 15 minutes.

The Puppeteers, Puppets, and the Pup
A family of puppeteers stage a show in northern England. Video, 10 minutes.

Fourth Tier Chinese City
Strange epiphenomena within an elderly industrial town in Anhui Province. Video in progress, 15 minutes.

Rock Paper Scissor
Animation, 2:30 minutes.

Three Wheel
Stories of the people who operate China's behemoth fast-delivery industry. Video in progress.

The Bird Men (Working Title)
A comics documentary (documentary comic) about bird hobbyists who spend all day by the riverbank. Work in progress, production stills.

Twelve Tribes of Dorchester
An insular, evangelical Judeo-Christian community living in suburban Boston. Video, 10 minutes.